Visitor Registration System

ISKAAN enables Community Managers to manage visitors and ensures safety and security through digital check-ins with our Visitor Registration System. The platform provides the most advanced enterprise visitor management system (VMS), unrivaled user experience.

Our Emirates ID connected visitor module keeps a track of all:

  • Visitors

  • Vendors (Vendor Attendance)

  • Deliveries

  • Move In

  • Move Out

  • Work Orders

  • Fit-out Management

  • Multiple Entrances can be managed for each community

Visitor Module

Manage Visitors

Our portal makes the details of visitors a breeze. Your security management has access to the information they need, which makes our visitor registration system smoother and more accessible.

Contactless Registration

Contactless registration provides a hygienic, touch-free way to register visitors at your place. Our Visitor registration system reduces contact which lowers the risk of health issues in this changing environment.

Emirates ID Scanner

Scan the Emirates ID and get instant and accurate data. Our portal ensures efficient handling and logging of visitors to reduce administration time and enhance professional and positive first impressions.

Application Access

Manage application access requests through our visitor management system and provide access to the approved application and track it’s progress through regular updates provided by the system.

Why is ISKAAN for Visitors?

With ISKAAN, exchange your logbook page for the leading Visitor Registration System. We provide Smart and user-friendly Visitor Management Software for any organization. Our Visitor Registration System is designed to replace old data collection methods such as logbooks or registers.

ISKAAN uses artificial intelligence technology and Internet resources to ensure that the visitor managers on your premises are made and processed without any problem. To make your space seamless and secure, the Visitor registration system maintains records of all aspects of visitors.

Visitor Management Services

Efficient Check-In

Easy Check-in and check-out for visitors and vendors and also minimizes security risks. Collect all necessary information to ensure security staff and store it safely.

Visitor Dashboard

When visitors sign in, our digital visitor entry system gets updated in real-time. Monitor it daily or know it’s there when you need it. The dashboard also provides relevant actions to be taken.


Security management can directly send a message to the OAMs for any request or queries through the system’s messaging portal

Community Directory

Get notified of expected visitors and speed up the check-in process by getting the details of the visitors before they arrive.