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Slide Iskaan, the ultimate AI based community management software Offering 360˚ turnkey solution for Community Managers, Owners, Residents and Vendors Slide Use Iskaan’s cutting edge technology for seamless work, high efficiency and guaranteed satisfaction Our powerful software helps you manage everything through a customer based online community. Providing customer care solutions for your clients to request their needed services. Payments, deposits, refunds and transactions are all recorded to be reviewed later for traceability and data analytics Slide

Iskaan Strength

Reduce your anxious mind and be certain about all your data with the secure Mollak integration from which you retrieve your data through our integration to give you the comfort of working safely and confidently.
Reduce your cost and increase your efficiency with our automated processes. Iskaan helps you cover that part by notifying you whenever a warranty is about to expire through our software to avoid incidents, so you remain worry-free and never miss out on anything all while making use of all the benefits your suppliers are giving you.
It’s all about time management and productivity. We at Iskaan know how hectic the workload can be and our software is here to alleviate this pain. Compare quotations or Request for Proposals. Say goodbye to endless excel comparison sheets. Iskaan will do the comparison side by side for you and all you have to do is select, noting that all registered users have access to all registered vendors.
Community managers can quickly announce any updates to residents and owners via SMS or Email! Whenever there’s a plan, there’s Iskaan to help. Share any news with selected audiences via a one click SMS or Email. Whether it’s an alarm drill or general repair, Iskaan helps you communicate
Build your plans and enhance your performance by investigating and reviewing your monthly data through retrieving Managerial reports provided by our software! Increase your productivity by being able to grasp the reasons of delays and frustration within a specific project and build plans to repair, all while being supported by data.

Who Will Benefit From Iskaan?

Community management companies (CMC) are continuously evolving in the Middle East. At Iskaan, we work tirelessly on improving & uplifting our software to better cater for all your needs. One software to manage all your tasks, communication and reminders. Discover the seamless way of building and managing communities.

Every resident hopes to fit in their community and enjoy a peaceful environment at his own home. For that sole purpose, and through our
user-friendly easy to access software, all the residents’ needs are one click away from being served by professional experts and reliable vendors.

With such great communities being established, great needs will arise. With more than 6,000 jobs available at Iskaan, our system is the perfect place for vendors to offer their paid services. Submit proposals, generate invoices, and manage work orders all in the same place!

Whether you are a resident at your property or you have it out for rent, we at Iskaan understand that your property is your investment. Our software helps owners to manage, supervise, and make sure everything is under control as it should be.



We help you increase your operational efficiency by providing you with all the managerial needs in one place without having to switch between multiple apps. You can provide or receive monthly managerial reports, while working in a paperless working environment. All within Iskaan’s powerful software. You can even directly message or email the owners without having to meet in person!

We make sure that your house is not just a house, it’s your home. We help you communicate with the community you belong to, get help, ask for vendors for to help you solve your household issues all from the comfort of your couch.

Our platforms help you find all the jobs you do in one easy to navigate place. We help you view available jobs, submit proposals, generate invoices, and manage work orders all in the same place! Our software provides accurate s comparative assessments and reports between selected vendors

With our E-Services, all your concerns are not to be thought of. Manage your property and finances, receive your payments, and supervise all the operations related to your property.

With a single click you can navigate to see your bank bills, you can pay your service charges and see your balance! You can view unit ledgers, communicate and track request applications. You can even request for proposals on our Iskaan’s Job page, our software will help you find the suitable person for your needs!


All your numbers are safe!

Through our integration with Mollak,
we provide you with the most secure,
accurate, reliable and clear data.

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“Comprehensive and innovative” "It is refreshing to speak immediately with someone who can answer my questions without being routed to half a dozen people. ISKAAN has greatly reduced the time it takes to manage our associations and have reduced our operational cost up to 12%. The reports we generate from ISKAAN in a click are critical communication tools used in management’s decision making"

- Samer Ganni

“As a long-time customer, the service and expert support provided by Iskaan is  remarkable and of course because they are based in Dubai!! Amazing tool – it’s invaluable to our firm. The developers and owners listen closely to feedback and continually move ISKAAN forward. Kudos on the recent upgrade– great stuff, enterprise class!”

- Khurram Khanzada

Vice President

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