Community Service Portal

Our community service portal helps every resident fit in their community and enjoy a peaceful environment at their own home. For that sole purpose, through our user-friendly, easy-to-access software, all the residents’ needs are one click away from being served by professional experts and reliable vendors.

We make sure that your house is not just a house; it’s your home. We help you communicate with the community you belong to, get help, ask for vendors to help you solve your household issues, all from the comfort of your couch.

Iskaan Community Service Portal

E-Services Features

Online Payment
Access Device
Move In
Move Out
Work Permit
Fit Out NOC
Facility Booking
Transfer Of Property NOC
Concierge Service
Resident Information
Delivery Permit
Proof Of Payment
Short Stay
Security Staff
Happiness Center
Visitor Portal

Why ISKAAN’s Services for Communities?

We at ISKAAN believe that we provide quality services to everyone, whether an owner or a resident. Managing all your personal information can be a chore. Our software will help you manage all your needs as effectively as possible. Visit our site’s powerful community service portal that includes Happiness Center, Access Device, Concierge Service, Facility Booking, Fit Out NOC, Move In, Move Out, Resident Information, Work Permit, Delivery Permit in one place.

ISKAAN makes services a lot easier to manage. Our goal is to make residents happy with the expanded online services available and management of everything from one simple dashboard.