Owners Portal

Whether you are a resident at your property or have it out for rent, we at ISKAAN understand that your property is your investment. Our owner portal helps owners to manage, supervise, and make sure everything is under control as it should be.

With our E-Services, all your concerns are addressed. Manage your property and finances, receive your payments, and supervise all the operations related to your property.

In a single click, you can navigate your bank statement, pay your service charges, and see your balance! You can view unit ledgers, communicate, and track request applications. You can even request proposals on our ISKAAN Job page, and our software will help you find the suitable person for your needs!

Iskaan E-Services
Easy Access to Data

No need of large piles of documents. Our Owner portal can be accessed from anywhere at any time and contains all the necessary features on a web-based platform.

Finance Resources

Manage your account with one single click from anywhere and at any time. All your financial resources like ledgers, invoices, receipts, and credit notes are at one place.

Access Your Request

Submit your service requests for access device, concierge service, move in/move out, transfer of property, work permit, delivery permit, fit out, Access Device, and more.

Owners Profile

View and keep a record of owner’s details. Maintain the profile with no worry as all personal data is stored securely online and is further secured with data encryption.

Why ISKAAN’s Owner Portal?

The answer is simple: Our software will help you save time, money, and suffering. Through our Owner portal, you get control of your portfolio, and it will help you manage all your work as effectively as possible. As an owner of your residential property, you need to cover all the basic needs of the increasingly competitive market. This means that you need the freedom to make the software fit your process, not the other way around.

With a single click, you can access the following features: Owners Profile(s), Occupant Details, Requests, Compliances Module, Ledger, Invoices, Receipts, and Credit Notes. You can even request proposals on our ISKAAN Job page, and our software will help you find the suitable person for your needs!

Owner Portal Features

Owners Profile
Occupant Detail
Compliances Module
Credit Notes

Owner E-Services

Happiness Center
Access Device
Concierge Service
Facility Booking
Fit Out NOC
Move In
Short Stay
Move Out
Resident Information
Transfer Of Property
Work Permit
Delivery Permit
Online Payment
Proof Of Payment
Bank Account