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Frequently Asked Questions

Iskaan offers a complete end-to-end solution for covering all aspects of managing Association Management business. It covers all aspects of operations, finance, legal and vendor management, including board reports and local regulatory requirements.

We challenge you that any system you are currently using will not be able to compete with Iskaan as it has all the functions required by any OA manager, without the need to switch multiple solutions for different aspects of the business. Moreover, it’s connected with authority’s database.

Why Not? Iskaan is perfect for any size of community as you won’t be paying a hefty amount regardless of a small community and enjoying the same features and services as any larger community would have as we are pay as you go system and based on number of units you manage.

Yes, just click “sign up for Free” and go for an experience of technology! It is complimentary till 1 January 2020.

Our team will conduct a training session when you start your SKAAN journey and will walk you through each feature. If there is any difficulty, contact our expert support available to you on a click 24/7.

We are a team of innovators! Part of our success to-date has been the fact that we continually encourage feedback and request for new features from our clients. Drop us an email with your request and you will see it live within 15 days!

Iskaan has the feature to migrate data to and from the system, easy templates will be provided by our team and continuous support to get it running in as short as 24 hours.

Our responsive team is available 24/7 on chat, phone or email to help you use ISKAAN.

Data security is one of our top priorities and we have adopted the latest security technologies and practises to ensure safety of your data. If you have any specific concerns, we are there for technical details..