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Less service cost, greater efficiency!


Our software’s technology provides you with the most affordable way to satisfy customer inquiries! Through this peer-to-peer technology, you can drive customers to an online community where they can find all the answers they need quickly and request any service needed. This reduces up to 75% of calls to your contact center!

All your payments in one place

Association Accounting

Our software helps you have every payment, deposit, or refund recorded and ready to be reviewed! Track transactions to understand consumer habits such as paying late! Residents can pay their dues online. Our software’s side-by-side data management makes accounting and budgeting simple, reliable, and headache free!

Community management companies (CMC) are continuously evolving in the Middle East. At Iskaan, we work tirelessly on improving & uplifting our software to better cater for all your needs. One software to manage all your tasks, communication and reminders. Discover the seamless way of building and managing communities.

Every resident hopes to fit in their community and enjoy a peaceful environment at his own home. For that sole purpose, and through our
user-friendly easy to access software, all the residents’ needs are one click away from being served by professional experts and reliable vendors.

With such great communities being established, great needs will arise. With more than 6,000 jobs available at Iskaan, our system is the perfect place for vendors to offer their paid services. Submit proposals, generate invoices, and manage work orders all in the same place!

Whether you are a resident at your property or you have it out for rent, we at Iskaan understand that your property is your investment. Our software helps owners to manage, supervise, and make sure everything is under control as it should be.

Improve and retain the quality of services provided to the communities!

At Iskaan, we work relentlessly onto improving and enhancing the system. We know OA is a constantly growing industry in the middle east. Thus, we provide accurate, right on time updates that will bring you additional benefit to your operations! All the updates and enhancements will be seamlessly integrated without disruption in the user’s operations!

Our Amazing Features



Everything you need is in one place, no need to switch applications!Increase your operational efficiency and be in total control!



Everything you need is in one place, no need to switch applications!
Increase your operational efficiency and be in total control!



Vendors applying for your job requests will be sent directly to your inbox! You will be able to assess and compare between applicants so you can find the best match for the best price.


Compliance Management

Get your communities legal, regulatory, financial and operational compliance as per authority guidelines!


Happiness Center

Iskaan aims to transform houses into homes and no easier way to monitor this success than our happiness center. Check the satisfaction of your residents and owners and plan your enhancements equipped with accurate data.



Skip the hustle of tracking the changes and spending time on the phone. Increase your efficiency all while securing traceability and performance.


Recovery System

Safety is constant concern and Iskaan was built with security in mind. When using Iskaan, all your data and performances are well recorded and secured with our recovery system.


Task Manager

Saving you the rush of coordinating separately your tasks, Iskaan merges all your tasks and requests in one place to increase your productivity, facilitate your responsibilities and ameliorate your performance.


AI Reporting

Iskaan was built to be smart. Relax and get comfortable while getting all reports you need from our system to gather all the data you need to enhance performance and increase satisfaction.


Contact Manager

Consolidate all your contacts into one software. Secured with unlimited potential makes it easier for you to access and manage your contacts and know more about their behaviors to better cater for their needs.