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The Powerful Software Made in UAE for UAE

Discover Iskaan , The Ultimate AI based Community Management System. One of the most technologically advanced 360˚ turnkey solution for management and operation, providing  a full fledge dashboard for managers, making it the most suitable key answer for CMC, Vendors, Owners, and Residents to manage their operations, finances, and services.

Use Iskaan’s Cutting Edge Technology for guaranteed satisfaction!
Through our powerful software, you can manage everything! Our system can help you find the most affordable way to satisfy customer inquiries through our peer-to-peer support. We provide you with a customer based online community where customers and easily find answers and request their needed services, reducing 75% of calls to your contact center.

You can also record and review every payment, deposit, or refund. Track transactions so you learn your consumer paying habits. Also, you don’t need to pass by every resident to collect their dues, they can pay them online!

Also you can provide or receive reports of any managerial operation you conducted!
Side-by-side data makes accounting and budgeting simple and headache-free.


Iskaan is the definitive service to provide the ultimate solutions to the needs of a community. The software acts as an intersection point where owners can meet with their needed service providers. Our community is led by dedicated professional expert programmers to guarantee the finest community solutions.


We aim to transform any living space to become as comfortable as a resident’s own home. Our services provide CMC with all the assistance they need to establish the best community with reliable, fast, well managed service delivery, guaranteeing the best results, all while reducing human errors. With Iskaan, the premium community responding services, mutual living becomes less troublesome and smooth, thus, more enjoyable.


Adopting Innovation

In everything we do, we thrive to inject innovation. Technical or creative, innovation is dominant key component for our success. We dream big and achieve high.

User Centric Experience

We make sure we build today an experience evolved around our users. We provide them with ultimate comfort through a simple user-friendly experience suitable for everyone.

Serving Everyone Towards a Better Community

We design and upgrade Iskaan using scientific approaches.

Tomorrow’s result is the harvest of today’s work. We learn from all and upgrade for everyone to deliver an enhanced experience and make our communities a better place with easy services.